I have been passing by this restaurant for over six months and thought that it is like any other snack corner. However, after seeing some of the posts by some foodies on the range of food & beverages served at Ohri’s Coca Cola Happiness world, it was a big surprise for me. Never judge a book by its cover. After hearing about the varieties of mock tails & sizzlers served here, I wanted to visit this place. Finally, I got an opportunity to visit this outlet as part of a foodie event.

The welcome drinks included frozen coke and frozen fanta. They are not as frozen as ice but were soft. Haven’t heard of frozen aerated drinks before; so I like them.


Fiery Coke Gappa Shots: I am glad such innovations keep coming out from Ohris. The regular pani puri stuffed with boondi is served along with tangy masala coke. I would say that this is a non-alcoholic version of the tequila shots 🙂 This dish definitely stands apart from all the regular stuff.

Before we could move on to the starters, we were served two more mocktails – Vio Kesari Magic and Almond Pista delight shake. These shakes are insanely thick & tasty and would fill the tummy like a bomb. 

Moving on to the appetizers, Mexican Chilli Nachos topped with salad & sour cream were served. These nachos are very tasty and we kept asking for more. 


Moving on to the main course, we did taste Mexican Chilli Paneer Sizzler, Smoked Barbeque Cutlet, Barbeque chicken sizzler, dreamy durban chicken sizzler, Masala Mafia Pasta, Man ‘n’ Cheese Pasta. Ohris already is famous for its sizzlers and they continue to keep up the tempo in serving tasty sizzlers. All the dishes tasted well which were in line with the continental cuisine, they were not spicy but apt to feel the flavour of each dish. 


After savoring so many sizzlers, it was time for us to taste a spicy drink; it was called Tadakta Bhadakta Frozen Coke. Its hot & spicy coke served in an earthen cup and garnished with a small piece of green chilly on the top.


The desserts included Minty Watermelon Ice Cream bomb and Alphonso Fusion. Minty watermelon ice cream had a scoop of strawberry ice cream placed between small chunks of watermelon pieces garnished with cream and mint leaves on the top. Taste of the ice cream is classy. 


A place filled with lot of energy and a good hangout with family & friends.



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