Vera Pizzeria – The pizza joint in town with buffet concept. The buffet menu is quite exhaustive which includes 2 soups(Veg & Non Veg), 5 variants in appetizers, 5 different varieties of pizza bases with sauces, and the toppings on the pizzas include vegetables, chicken, lamb, sea food; 5 yummilicious desserts and around 5 mock tails.


Vera stands apart from the regular pizzerias in terms of the provisioning  its guests to customize their own salads & pizzas. Since 7 inch pizzas are served, we get a chance to eat more varieties of pizzas.

Moving on to talk about the food served during the tasting session, as always we have started up with the mock tails. Lemon Iced Tea, Green Apple Mojito and Oh Reo were served on the table. The flavor/essence is more evident in the mock tails and were not too sweet.

Tomato Basil soup was too sweet and the flavor of basil was lost due to the sweetened tomatoes. Chicken soup is a killer. It was a very fine flavor of mint with thick cream and soft chunks of chicken.

Starters/Appetizers: Chicken Wings with hickory barbecue sauce, RoseMary Pepper Chicken, Garlic Bread Cheese with Veg & Non Veg toppings, Potato Wedges were served. Chicken Wings were indeed very soft and the tangy flavor of the sauce was mild. The mildness of the sauce prompted us to have more. RoseMary pepper chicken is chicken leg pieces grilled and marinated with loads of pepper. The pepper and the juice did not sink in for all the pieces of chicken served. I would personally prefer the chicken to be juicy than bland. Potato wedges were soft and soggy; would have been better it would have been crisp.

Pizzas: We did taste different varieties of pizzas… If anyone likes cheesy stuff, then I recommend ‘So Cheesy’ base with Alfred Mushroom Sauce. For the toppings we had hot ‘n’ spicy chicken. The combination of these along with extra Jalapenos & Olives was too good. This is the first time I did have prawns on a pizza and trust me it is the best pizza I had till date. The prawns were well marinated in herbs and served with loads of cheese on the pizza, and its indeed tasted heavenly.

Pasta: While we were almost close to end of the main course, upon request we were served the chef’s special chicken pasta. The fussili is loaded with white sauce, chopped chicken, olives and broccoli. It did taste well.


Desserts: The desserts were served in small glasses fit for shots. Coconut Mango Parfait was the best of all.. It was small chunks of Mangoes topped with coconut powder and cookie crumbs. It was probably the first time I had tasted such dessert combo. This indeed speaks about the different kind of food served by Vera Pizzeria.

The buffet is priced at Rs.550(AI) for Non Vegetarians and Rs.500 for Vegetarians. Considering the decent spread of mock tails, starters, pizzas, pasta & desserts served, I feel this is very much value for money.

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