Hashtag is a new terrace top bistro & bar that was opened up last month. As we entered the bistro, it seemed to be a perfect place for a weekend hangout to engage with live music, cool weather and youthful ambiance.

To begin with the beverages, I tasted Chocosmooch Martini and Green Apple Martini. It is the first time I had Chocosmooch and it is definitely worth the try. Chocosmooch is a cocktail of Bailey, Vodka, Dark chocolate, Choco Chips & Milk; while Green Apple Martini is a combination of Vodka, Green Apple and lime.

Moving on to the appetizers, I tasted Mushroom Pockets, Paneer Tikka, Veg Shami Kebab, Crispy Fried Vegetables, Achari Chicken Tikka, Chilly Egg, Boti Kebab and Diced Chicken. Mushroom Pockets are corn flour coated Mushrooms stuffed with chopped vegetables & cheese. Paneer Tikka is well marinated and it is as soft as it could be, it would melt in the mouth. Veg Shami Kebab was like the usual shami kebab but the seasoning with tons of sesame seeds made it different. The flavour of the sesame seeds dominated the flavour of the kebabs and I did like it. Good thing to mention about the crispy fried vegetable is that they had less oil becasue of which we could relish more.

Talking about the non vegetarian starters, Achari chicken tikka could have been more spicy; I feel the ‘achari’ taste could have been more justified if it tasted more spicy. While Chilly Egg is just ok, Boti Kebab is well cooked and the taste of the spices were evident. Most of the Diced chicken pieces had lesser coating of flour and the chicken was very soft.

Moving on to main course, Mutton Pulav and Bisi Bele Bath were superb. The pulav had a mild flavor but the boneless mutton pieces were well marinated with spice and cooked so well. Initially, I was hesitant in eating the mutton pulav as I thought the pulavs are not as spicy as the biryanis. But the way this dish was made, it was just awesome. Talking about the Bisi Bele Bath.. it was more like sambar rice topped with potato chips; it was heavily loaded with ghee and the taste was good. I recommend to taste the mutton pulav and bisi bele bath. While there have been other dishes served as part of the main course, I was so much satisfied with these two dishes that I didn’t want to taste any other dish.

But, who would stop when you are offered Choco Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream, Gajar ka Halwa Tart topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and Baked Qubani Cheese Cake. While the combination of Gajar ka Halwa with ice cream was awesome, the cheese cake was a stealer.

Nice place to hang out in the evenings. Being located on the terrace(above 5th floor), the cool breeze would add to a perfect evening!

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