After having enticed the cities of Pune & Goa with its fabulous delicacies from the South East Asian cuisine, Malaka Spice now ventures into Hyderabad.

I was part of group invited for a tasting session by the management. Starting with the ambiance right from the entrance, it was beautifully done and the out door area is amazingly set up in the midst of lot of greens and furniture colored in vibrant yellow and brown colors. Initially, it looked more like a garden restaurant. As we moved indoor, the air conditioned section is beautifully setup with wall hangings of various paintings.

We began the food journey at Malaka Spice with their specialty Malaka Thai Ice Tea – It is a refreshing beverage made of Brewed tea blended with sweetened condensed milk and lemon grass. The flavor of lemon grass is evident and is refreshing.

Among the soups – Tom Kha, Tom Yum and Madurasi Soups are served. Tom Kha is made of chicken in coconut milk spiced with lemongrass, coriander & chilly oil; while Tom Yum is a clear soup flavored with lemongrass & coriander. Madurasi soup is a specialty soup from the Indonesian island of Madura; it is aromatic with the flavors of lemongrass, ginger and chillies. All the soups are tasty; while the spice level of Tom Kha is little high, Tom Yum is healthful!

Top Hats are the first to be served as part of the vegetarian starters. Top Hats are fried cylindrical cups stuffed with minced vegetables/chicken/lamb & exotic herbs. Its a yum dish.  Lotus Stem is finely sliced in the form of wheels and blended with a medley of flavors. The pumpkin chips are simply amazing, made with in-house unique recipe and garnished with basil leaves.


From the non-vegetarian section, Murtabak Mutton, Thai Mutton Chops and Chicken Satay are served. Murtabaks are pancakes stuffed with mutton and panfried until they turn into mild brown color. Thai Mutton chops are well marinated with pepper & herbs and grilled to perfection. The dominant flavor of the pepper on the mutton chops is good to my taste. Chicken Satay is served along with peanut butter; I felt the chicken could have been grilled a little more so that it is more soft.

Moving on to the main course, it did have a variety of dishes and we started off with Roti Jhala, which literally means Net Bread, is a popular Malaysian roti that looks like a bread in the form of rolled net and served with hot curries. Also served is Roti Kanai which is similar to the Indian Malabar roti and it goes will with the Thai Green curries.


Worth mentioning among the desserts are Date & Coconut roll and chocolate Brownie with ice creams. Minced dates & sweetened coconut wrapped in a thin layer of flour is amazing. In-house special Paan ice cream is a must try.


Overall, Malaka Spice does well in terms of serving the South East Asian cuisine and I would love to visit it again.

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