‘Over the Moon’ is an awesome place where tasty food meets amazing beer. It is located on the top floor of Hotel Daspalla and provides an amazing few of the Hitec city from the 8th floor. The ambiance is classy with good music played on the soothing evening. I visited Over The Moon for a tasting session of the newly launched beers from their micro-brewery!

To begin with, we are offered 4 samplers from their menu – Wheat, Lager, Stout & Apple Cider beers and a large variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks.


New Moon(Stout beer) is a dark beer made using roasted malt/barley is a strong beer and leaves a mild flavor of coffee after you gulp it!

White High(Wheat beer)’ is brewed using unmalted wehat and barley. Spiced with coriander & orange peel, the color is straw to pale with hazy clarity.

OTM Lager, as the name indicates, is a lager beer that showcases both malt & hohps. It is fermented for a relatively long time at low temperature and is usually light in color

Apple Cider is brewed with yeast from the apple skin is soothing and pleasant to the palate.

The brew menu is very finely crafted and helps us understand the flavor of each beer and the side dishes that are good to have along with the beverage.


Talking about the appetizers, it was a huge variety of dishes that kept coming in. Notable among the non vegetarian starters are the Joojeh kebab, Peri Peri chicken skewers, Chicken wings, Roasted chicken, Lamb Boti Kabab. The Chips n Dips an OTM fusion platter for vegetarians that included Jalapeno Cheese poppers, Crispy fried potato wedges, Onion Rings & Fries along with spicy mayo and hot mustard dip.


Joojeh Kebab is a well plated dish which had the chicken cooked with cream & peppers. It is medium spicy and goes well with Apple Cider. Peri Peri Chicken Skewers is another tasty starter I liked; it is boneless spicy chicken pieces & bell peppers on skewers doused with peri peri chilli sauce. Meat balls had minced meat mixed well with finely chopped onions but it lacked in spice. Among the vegetarian fusion platter, the Onion rings and potato wedges are rich in quality and tasted yum with spicy mayo and mustard dip.


Overall, a good combination of brews & tasty appetizers at a classy place with good music is a wonderful thing to rejuvenate a soul.

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