Vapour is a new addition to the breweries in Hyderabad, with a wonderful ambiance and awesome food. I was amazed with its perfect party ambiance with good music and well lit for party mongers. While I have heard about Vapour in Bangalore, I am glad it has joined the bandwagon of breweries to entice the crowd of Hyderabad.

I was invited to Vapour for a tasting session. Since it was a Friday evening, the youthful crowd with energetic music added more fun to the evening. To begin with, we started with the samplers – Cider, Blonde, Lager, Wheat and Stout. While I am not an expert at beers, I could make out the pleasantness of cider is much better than the others. Along with the samplers, we were served the ‘Nut & Beans Masala’ which is assorted different style of peanut & chickpeas served with small barrels.


Along with the beers, the mock tails Mango Queen & Fruit Infusion were also served. Mango Queen is made of vanilla ice cream blended with mango puree and topped with milk cream and mint. With the mango season coming to an end, it was pleasant to have the mango based drink in the month of July. Fruit Infusion is a combination of Watermelon & kiwi juice served on crushed ice.


Then comes the plethora of starters on the table beginning with Cocktail Samosa Chat. Baby samosas tossed with peas and masala topped with green & tamarind chutney is a tangy dish to start with. While the presentation is good, the taste seemed more like a typical samosa sprinkled with masalas & chutneys.


Since I like Pan Asian food, Chilly Garlic Tempura Prawns and Thai Chilly Fish impressed me more than anything. Tempura fried prawns tossed with chilly garlic sauce were a bit crispy and tasted good; and Thai Chilly Fish marinated in spices and tossed in Thai Sauce is awesome.


While the buffalo wings tossed in barbeque sauce tasted ok, the Chicken 65 tasted different as it was fried and tossed with South Indian Spices. Unlike the flavour of soya always attached to Chinese dishes, the flavor of Indian Spices enriched the taste of Chicken 65.


Mutton Galouti deserves a special mention as it was one of the best galouti kebabs I had till date. It was very soft and the flavor of spices was amazing. The kebab was served on a small piece of Indian Bread. Barbecue Stuffed Chicken is a new dish I tasted today – it is zucchini & bell pepper stuffed in chicken breast grilled and tossed with barbecue sauce. The hotness of the barbecue sauce and the spices added to the chicken increases the spice quotient of the dish aptly.


For the main course, we were served the Gosht Nihari which is a Lucknowi mutton delicacy served with dal makhni and baby nans. The curry was a bit let down as it had an overdose of spices; but the dal makhni was very soft and tasted good because of the well cooked lentils that blended aptly with the spices & cream.

After stuffing the tummies with loads of food, we finally ended the meal with a pleasant blue berry cheese cake.


Vapour - Brew Pub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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