Savoring a brunch is the best thing to happen on a weekend and that too at a new place like Mocha Cafe & Bar which has a great outdoor ambiance with lot of flora around and live music. I was invited for a bloggers table to taste their spread from the Sunday brunch. True to its meaning, the extensive brunch had a very good variety of dishes covering a full course meal.


I am glad to see that the brunch had a nice breakfast station which had scrambled eggs, masala cheese omelettes and variants of mezze. Mezze is accompanied with Pita breads, Pancakes, Waffles, Chicken Ham and Sausages.



Among the salads, Egg Corn & Olive salad, Classic Macaroni Salad and Tortilla Masala salads are impressive.


From the plethora of cocktails/mocktails, I tasted Sangria, Vodka with Ginger Ale, White Rum with Orange Juice, and Virgin Mojito. The presentation and the taste of every drink is nice.

Among the soups, sea food broth lets the wonderful flavor of seafood shine through. The aroma of the meat entices the sea food lovers.

The dishes from continental and Pan Asian cuisines – Paprika Grilled Chicken, Kum Pao Chicken, Baked Mac & Cheese, Roasted Lamb in Devil Sauce and Burnt Garlic Capsicum Fried Rice are a must try. Paprika Grilled Chicken is boneless chicken well marinated with paprika sauce and grilled to perfection. It is very soft and tasted good. Kum Pao chicken is a Chinese dish made with chicken, vegetables and chili peppers – Of course, it is spicy but it would have been much better if the coating of flour on the meat is reduced.


Roasted lamb in devil sauce is another super spicy dish and it satisfies the palate of spice lovers. As the name of the dish suggests, Roasted shredded meat of lamb is well sauteed with hot chili sauce. The flavor of the dish is much more enhanced as I taste it along with burnt capsicum fried rice.



Mocha has been in news for its specialty dishes likes RasMalai Cheesecake. This amazingly fusioned dessert is one of the best in town. The combination of Malai with Cheese Cake topped on a very thin layer of cookie well soaked in the rasmalai juice is a showstopper.

Overall, Mocha Bar is a good place to let go off all the stress, enjoy a good food with a drink and enjoy the live music.

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