Kritunga is the name synonymous with spicy food in Hyderabad. Typically servicing the cuisine of Rayalaseema, Kritunga has their new restaurant in Gachibowli that comes with the tag line – Palegar’s cuisine as the Palegar’s belonged to the region of South India and spread across Rayalaseema and parts of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Kritunga – Palegar’s cuisine serves distinct dishes like their patented Chicken and Mutton Kritunga Ragi Sankati, Spicy Natukodi Pulusu, Yellamma Mamsam Kura, Karjam Soya Kura and many more. While many of the folks associate Rayalaseema food with just the spiciness caused due to extra chilli, the food at Kritunga speaks more about the right blend of traditional native spices that are used in the preparation of food.


I have visited Kritunga recently to taste their new delicacies that are yet to added to the menu. The new dishes in the pipeline are Pudina Kodi (Mint chicken), Avakaya Chicken, Nati Kodi Ghee Roast and Miriyala Mamsam(Pepper Mutton).Miriyala Mamsam – Ground pepper on the chunks of mutton pieces well marinated with traditional spices oozes a strong flavor of pepper. Pudina chicken had boneless pieces of chicken coated very mildly with corn flour marinated with Pudina(mint leaves) and spices; while Avakaya Chicken also had small chunks of boneless chicken blended well with Avakaya pickle & spices to give a strong tangy flavor fusioned with spices. Natu kodi Ghee roast had pieces of country chicken sauteed in ghee and cooked with native spices to increase the spice quotient. All of the new dishes are hot & spicy.

Among the existing items on the menu from the vegetarian section, Vankaya Bajji, Alasanda Wada, Anasa pandu karam podi seekulu from the starters are worth trying. Nunu Vankaya Kura (Brinjal Curry), Grean Peas kheema curry go well with Jonna Rottelu and Ragi Rottelu.

From the array of Non-Veg dishes, the combination of natu kodi pulusu with ragi sangati is a must to try on every visit, combo of Chepala pulusu with steamed rice, Kharjam Sorakaya kura with chapati are awesome. To relish these dishes, one must have the flavor to taste the spicy native food of Rayalaseema.

After hogging on such spicy food, the palate can be soothed with traditional sweets like Chanaga pappu payasam or kora annam payasam.

Summarizing my visits to Kritunga, the spicy and the flavorful food gets a high five; simple ambiance with good service is much appreciated.

My ratings: Food 4.5/5; Ambiance 4/5; Service 4/5


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