Republic of Noodles – The integral restaurant of the Lemon Tree group of hotels is acclaimed for its its delectable Panasian dishes & fine dining experience. Keeping in mind, the changing trend and the expectations of the clientele, RON adds few new dishes to its menu.

Being a restaurant known for its Panasian cuisine, the decor is dominated with red color all over with dimming lights enhancing the ambiance of the place. Being a fine dining restaurant, the classy ambiance is a cool place for a nice date and overseeing the colorful IT hub in the surroundings.

Speaking about the new menu from the leader of Chinese cuisine in the city, every dish is ecstatic and worth every bite. Beginning the evening with the traditional soups, we had Spinach Ginger Vegetable soup(soup) and Shredded Chicken with Mushrooms (Non-Veg). The blend of ginger with spinach and vegetables was good and soft on the palate. Shredded chicken muddled with herbs and mushrooms had a mild tangy flavor that was amazing.


Among the starters, Pla Neung Manao is a well plated appetizer wherein the Vietnamese basa fish rolled around a piece of cottage cheese and served with chilli sauce. Tori Kastu Chicken – Beaten chicken coated with batter and deepfried tasted as similar to Ebi Furai which is a prawn based starter. Ebi Furai is panko crusted prawns deepfried in oil and served with cheese dip.


Among the vegetarian starters, Tofu cut into fine cubes and mildly coated with batter and sauteed with traditional chinese spices was spicy and tasted good. Tempura crunchy straw mushroom had smaller pieces of mushrooms tossed in black pepper sauce tasted good; the mushrooms were cut into very smaller pieces and I felt I was missing the taste & bite of the mushrooms; I prefer to have had bigger pieces of mushroom pieces compared to what was served.


Moving on to the main course where in Wok-Stir fries are lined up, stir fried chiken with cashew and dried chili in Oyster sauce, Pot roasted lamb, stir fried exotic vegetables with lemon chilli basil were good. Broccoli & Mushroom in bean curd sauce had had mushrooms chopped into tiny pieces and cooked with roasted broccoli. My personal choice would be to have the mushroom pieces bigger in size so that we can feel the dish while chewing it.


Clay pot curries – Burmese chicken curry and Thai green vegetable curries served with jasmine rice were awesome. The apt usage of coconut milk for the dishes enhanced the flavor and spices are well balanced. Pineapple fried rice with Chicken & cashew nuts was different from the usual fried rice that the Hyderabadis are used to. The sweetness of pineapple wasn’t as dominant as we expected and the flavor of the chicken in the rice was also retained. Wok tossed Ginger soba with roasted duck is a must try dish among the mains.

Moving on to the highlight dishes of the evening, it was the home made icecreams from the kitchen of RON that were innovative and the first to be made in Hyderabad. 8 variants of icecreams each with a variety of fruit and a suitable spice blended into it were a BIG WOW and the chef deserved a big applause for the innovative desserts. Sweet ‘n’ spice (Mango, ginger & turmeric), Royal Crunch (Rose & dry fruits), Out of the Blue (Blueberry, carrom seed and thai bird chilli), Chef’s creations (Basil, mint and wasabi), Truly Asian (Coconut & Jaggery), RON special (Scallion, kaffir lime and cashews), Refreshingly delicious (Galangal and singapore curry), Come back for it (Cumin & Strawberries), each priced at Rs 150 has a unique taste and are a must try.

Ice creams

Summarizing the evening, all of the new dishes were awesome and deserve an excellent rating at the top class fine dining Chinese restaurant.

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