As the tagline of Mamagoto indicates, the Pan Asian Cuisine is served at this vibrant place with an ambiance perfect for a youthful experience.  Colors around were vibrant and gives a perfect partying mood. Hospitality was at its best! The manager was following up with us on our tastes and tried his best suggesting various dishes!

To begin with, we started off with Mocktails – Cranberry & Kaffir lime mock tail, Kiwi & Mint and Orange juice. All of them had an overdose of essence; this may not be liked by many.  The extra essence kills the actual flavor/taste of the fruit and seems more artificial.

Since it was a continental cuisine, there were plenty of options for Non-Vegetarians when compared to Vegetarians!

To begin with the vegetarian starters, we had Crispy Chilly Potato, Water Chestnut Spring roll. Chilly potatoes had a coating of flour and deep fried which caused the dish to be a little hard. The Water chestnut was crisp and it had a very strong essence of ginger and garlic.. I tasted the crispy lotus stem for the first time; it did not ooze any particular taste but liked the dish.

Among the Non Vegetarian Starters, finely chopped boneless chicken pieces were the first to be served on the table and it was a great dish to start with. Prawns and Fish were too good. Grilled Prawns were very soft – tasted awesome. Two varieties of Fish were served –  Java fish and deep fried basa fish. Chicken wings were one the best dishes – the barbecue sauce was not too tangy and was apt for my taste buds.



Veg Thai Curry with rice was tasty! It had the right flavor of thai sauce and was good!

Among the desserts, Chocolate cake was good.. It was like a usual chocolate cake and no different. The showstopper was Caramel cake with toffee sauce.


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